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Gregg Cunningham of The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform says, "Abortion represents an evil so inexpressible that words fail us when attempting to describe its horror. Until abortion is seen, it will never be understood." Pro-abortion columnist Naomi Wolf observes, "The pro-choice movement often treats with contempt the pro-lifers' practice of holding up to our faces their disturbing graphics....[But] how can we charge that it is vile and repulsive for pro-lifers to brandish vile and repulsive images if the images are real? To insist that the truth is in poor taste is the very height of hypocrisy."


The Undercover Planned Parenthood Videos Everyone is Talking About in 2015

More Video (very graphic)

Photos of Aborted Babies

Why I Am Pro-Life by Jay Watts (a presentation before high school students)


"Toddler Tactics: How to Simplify the Abortion Debate" by Scott Klusendorf

"Arguments Against Abortion" by Kerby Anderson

"Planned Parenthood Vs. Jesus Christ" by Russell Moore

"We Know They Are Killing Children — All of Us Know" by John Piper

"Abortion and Human Rights" by Gregory Koukl

"How to Defend Your Pro-Life Views in 5 Minutes or Less" by Scott Klusendorf

"The Hard Cases Objection: Does Rape Justify Abortion?" by Scott Klusendorf 

41 Quotes from Medical Textbooks Regarding Human Life Beginning at Conception

"Miracle at Planned Parenthood" by Charles Colson


"Miracle at Planned Parenthood" by Charles Colson



Why Pro-Life? Caring for the Unborn and Their Mothers by Randy Alcorn


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