Would you like to let thousands of Christians know about your school, seminary, conference, book, recording, etc?

1. ABR reaches a thoughtful Christian audience.

The people who use ABR’s site are Christians who are serious about their faith—Christians who are interested in apologetics, theology, church history, evangelism, etc.

2. ABR has heavy traffic.

Visitors to the ABR site have been viewing between one million and 1,500,000 pages every month! 

3. ABR has a large global reach. 

25,000–30,000 unique users visit every month. The top ten countries users visit from: The United States, Great Britain, Canada, Germany, Australia, China, Ukraine, Finland, Netherlands, Russia and beyond.

4. ABR offers affordable pricing.

See below.

5. ABR offers free art design.

ABR’s graphic artist will design your ad (if you desire) for free and we can have it up and running the day you give us the go ahead. And we offer plenty of flexibility if you would like us to change the ad, update it each month, etc.


Homepage Square Ads (250 x 250 px)

  •  $100 for 10 days ($10 / day)
  •  $120 per month with 12 mo. commitment ($3.94 / day)
  •  $150   ”        ”        ”     3 mo. commitment ($4.84 / day)
  •  $225   ”        ”        ”     1 mo. commitment ($7.26 / day)


If we choose a multiple month ad run, can we change the ad out occasionally?

Yes. With multiple month ad runs, the artwork can be changed twice per month.

Will our ad location include a rotation of other ads or be exclusive to us?

Your ad position will be exclusively yours. i.e., no rotation with other advertisers. Every visitor to the page will see your ad. And keep in mind, even if viewers are not clicking on your ad, they will still see it. So, your ad helps to build awareness of your resource.

How do we get started?

Email us at info [at] and let us know you are interested. Tell us what you’d like to promote and include a link to your website so we can let you know if it would be a good fit. All advertisements are subject to approval.

When do we pay?

Once your ad is approved and your ad is up on the ABR site and to your liking, you can pay with a credit card over the phone.

Can we pay monthly?

Yes. We can charge your credit card monthly.

More questions?

Email us at info [at]