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A friend of mine who pastors a church in Florida emailed me a while back with a brilliant idea:

"I was looking for a specific type of item that I think would be a helpful resource to the body of Christ. I'm looking for bulletin inserts that would equip and educate the church to always be ready...I notice that there are always the few that come into a church service avoiding fellowship heading right to their seat. In their seat they bury their heads in the bulletin reading every word avoiding any eye contact. Often these people are reluctantly coming to a church service. They have their doubts and sometimes they are unbelievers. That reality brought a thought to my mind, it would be great to have apologetic based bulletin inserts for such people. Plus these kinds of inserts would be a welcomed resource for the believer's discipleship and equipping. Here is my problem - I can't find any such thing...I have considered creating my own, but I would be starting from scratch...Would you consider creating such a service?...As a pastor I would love this resource and I would be willing to pay for it. I think others would too..."

I thought this was a fantastic idea, and from the Lord! So, I am happy to let you know that I am running with the vision, and at no charge to your church. I just want to be a blessing to you and your congregation. You can click on any of the PDF titles below, print, cut in half and put into your bulletins.


The newest additions are at the bottom of this list...

• "There’s absolutely no evidence God exists!"

• "The Gospels are full of contradictions!"

• "The God of the Old Testament commanded genocide, the wiping out of the Canaanite people in the Book of Joshua. A loving God would never command such a thing!"

• "What about the hundreds of thousands of starving people in the world? What kind of God would create a planet that would put people through that kind of horrendous suffering? Only a cruel God! Certainly, not a loving one!"

• "Jesus’s disciples made up the stories about His miracles."

• "It’s foolish to believe in things you can’t see, like this God you speak of."

• "There's no evidence Jesus ever existed!"

• "Why doesn’t God just appear to us in a public setting and prove to the world He exists?"

• "The Bible was written by men! It's not trustworthy."

• "The Bible condones slavery! Only evil, selfish men would concoct a book like that!"

• "A loving God would never send people to Hell."
•  More are in the works!
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If you are a pastor, would you let me know your church is using these? It would be encouraging to know where they are being used. You can email me at
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Charlie Campbell 3is the founder of the ABR Apologetics Ministry (AlwaysBeReady.com) and a popular guest speaker at churches and conferences all over North America. He is the author of several articles, books, and DVDs, some of which include:

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•  Evidence for God
•  One Minute Answers to Skeptics
•  Archaeological Evidence for the Bible
•  The Case for the Resurrection
•  If God is Loving, Why is there Evil and Suffering?
•  Homosexuality and the Bible
•  The End Times: Ten Upcoming Events in Bible Prophecy
•  Teaching and Preaching God's Word
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His resources have been endorsed by Norman Geisler, Charles Colson, Chuck Smith, Ed Hindson, Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Jeremy Camp, and many others. His doctrinal beliefs are outlined here. You can follow him on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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