with Charlie Campbell | Founder of AlwaysBeReady.com

would you like the people in your church to be better equipped to answer the questions and objections that atheists and non-Christians bring up? Would you like them emboldened to share the gospel? If yes, prayerfully consider allowing me to come to your church to offer them a morning or evening of training. I’ve done this in hundreds of churches, and people love getting the help.

The training times consist of two or three 50-minute presentations with short 10–15 minute breaks in between for fellowship, dessert, coffee, etc. Three popular formats are:

A. Saturday evening (2 sessions) + Sunday a.m. service(s)

B. Sunday morning service(s) + two topics on Sunday evening

C. Saturday a.m. (2–3 sessions) + Sunday a.m. service(s)

Some of the more popular presentations I give are (and you can pick a different one for each session):

    •  Seven Reasons You Can Trust the Bible
    •  Evidence for God

    •  Answering Atheists’ Objections to God and the Bible
    •  Archaeological Evidence for the Bible
    •  If God is Loving, Why Does He Allow Evil and Suffering?
    •  Answering Atheists’ Objections to Jesus
    •  Answering Objections to Bible’s Teaching on Homosexuality
    •  For more topics (and brief overviews of content), click here



Not only do I love having Charlie Campbell speak here, I wish the guy was here all the time. . . . I love his conservative Biblical view, his worldview, his approach to Scripture. . . . What Charlie teaches you can put into practice. And that is the mark of an excellent Bible teacher and a very well-educated man, which Charlie is. He’s a friend. He’s a warrior . . . I can’t say enough about my good friend. Love the man!

Jack Hibbs
Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, CA

I cannot tell you how blessed our fellowship was. People were encouraged, challenged and blessed by the presentation.

John Randall
Calvary South Orange County, CA

Our staff continues to hear reports from people telling us how much they appreciated Charlie’s presentations . . . He is one of the best apologetics communicators in the nation.

Jason Carlson
Lakes Free Church, Lindstrom, MN

Far exceeded my expectations. Your Sunday morning message I think has to be the best I’ve ever heard on the subject. Thanks! 

–Lloyd Pulley
Calvary Chapel, Old Bridge, NJ


•  Calvary Chapel, Chino Hills, CA

•  Harvest, Riverside, CA

•  Rock Harbor, Costa Mesa, CA

•  Peace Lutheran, Post Falls, ID

•  Calvary Baptist, Anaheim, CA

•  Reality, Carpinteria, CA

•  Olive Baptist, Pensacola, FL

•  Horizon, San Diego, CA

•  Shelter Cove, Modesto, CA

•  Christ’s Church, Federal Way, WA

•  First Assembly of God, Peoria, IL

•  Legacy, Thornton, CO

•  Ontario Nazarene, Ontario, CA

•  Glenkirk Presbyt., Glendora, CA

•  Calvary Chapel, Houston, TX

•  Ventura Baptist, Ventura, CA

•  Bible Church, Lake Stevens, WA

•  Calvary Chapel, Costa Mesa, CA

•  Grace Point, New Brighton, MN

•  The Bridge, Centerville, UT



•  Does Charlie only speak at large churches?

No. He frequently speaks at churches with less than a hundred people.

•  Does Charlie charge a fee to do a multi-topic seminar/conference?

No. But ABR does ask that churches cover his travel expenses (flight, hotel, rental car) and make a $1,500 or more donation to ABR to help us continue contending for the faith. Once a date is determined, your church can mail the check (made out to ABR) to: Always Be Ready, PO Box 130342, Carlsbad CA  92013. A separate check for travel expenses can be mailed after the travel expenses are calculated. ABR will cover his meals, gas, and toll-road expenses.

•  Can we choose the topics?

Yes, from any on this list.

•  Would Charlie be open to spending the night and teaching Sunday morning or evening?

Yes! He often does that.

•  I have some other questions. What’s the best way to connect?

Fill in the form below and hit submit. We’ll be in touch with you shortly. God bless!


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