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We created this page specifically for people who would consider themselves atheists, skeptics, agnostics, and adherents to religions other than Christianity. The amount of content on the ABR website is so extensive, you might not know where to begin. So, we’re glad you’ve landed on this page. Our hope and prayer are that the links below provide you with a quick way to have access to answers to the most common questions and objections that non-Christians tend to have about Christianity. Our ultimate hope is that you would come to know our loving God, Jesus, who has gone to great lengths to make a way for you to have your sins forgiven and be granted everlasting life. We explain the great news here.

How would you describe your view of God and the Bible?

I have doubts about God’s existence.

I don’t think there are any good reasons to trust the Bible.

I don’t think there is good evidence Jesus existed or that He rose from the grave.

I believe the Bible has contradictions and errors.

I think the existence of evil, suffering, wars, tsunamis, etc., is evidence God doesn’t exist.

I believe humans came about through millions of years of evolution.