Charlie Campbell is a pastor (with Calvary Chapel Association), author, and founder of the ABR Apologetics Ministry ( Since starting ABR in 2005, he has spoken at hundreds of churches on a wide variety of topics related to the defense of the Christian faith. Prior to ABR, Charlie was an instructor at Calvary Chapel Bible College (Murrieta, CA) and the Director of The School of Ministry at Calvary Vista, his home church—where he taught courses on apologetics, world religions and cults, systematic theology, eschatology, church history, hermeneutics, and evangelism (1997–2005). His books have been endorsed by Norman Geisler, Charles Colson, Chuck Smith, Jack Hibbs, Nancy DeMoss, Ed Hindson, and others. You can find him surfing or snowboarding in southern California with his wife Anastasia and their five kids.

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