Would you like to learn about the interesting people (e.g., Irenaeus, Polycarp, William Tyndale, Martin Luther) and events (e.g., the Council of Nicea, the Reformation) that have helped to shape what Christianity has looked like over the past 2000 years? Check out the following:


Timeline of Biblical History by Charlie Campbell


“Ecclesiastical History” by Eusebius

“The 100 Most Important Dates in Church History”

“How Christianity Changed the World”

“Church History in Plain Language” by Bruce L. Shelley

“A Dictionary of Early Christian Beliefs” by David Bercot

“What if Jesus Had Never Been Born?” by Dr. D. James Kennedy


“History of the Christian Church” by Phillip Schaff

“Sketches of Jewish Social Life” by Alfed Edersheim

The Didache (a concise first century compilation of Christian doctrines)

The Writings of the Early Church Fathers

Fox’s Book of Martyrs by John Fox

The Writings of Josephus (first century Jewish historian)


“Internet Modern History Sourcebook”

Christian History Institute

Today in Church History

The Creeds


History of the Christian Church
Excellent 15-20 minute podcasts covering key events in church history by Lance Ralston, pastor of Calvary Chapel of Oxnard, in California (Subscribe here on iTunes)

“It Begins” (Episode 1) by Lance Ralston

“Transitions” (Episode 2) by Lance Ralston

“Strategic” (Episode 3) by Lance Ralston

“Martrys” (Episode 4) by Lance Ralston

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“The Real Murderers: Atheism or Christianity?” by Greg Koukl

“The Crusades: Were they Justified?” by Norman Geisler

“How The Da Vinci Code Distorted Church History” by Charlie Campbell

“What Really Happened at Nicea?” by James White

“The NT Canon Was Not Decided at Nicea—Nor Any Other Church Council” by Michael Kruger

“How Critics of Christianity Often Distort the Story of Galileo” by Charlie Campbell

“Catholicism: An Examination of the Teachings of the Catholic Church” by Charlie Campbell

Why and when was the Bible divided into chapters and verses? by Don Stewart


70 Titus Destroys Jerusalem

313 The Edict of Milan

325 The First Council of Nicea

367 Athanasius Defines the New Testament

386 Augustine Converts to Christianity

405 Jerome Completes the Vulgate

451 The Council of Chalcedon

540 Benedict Writes His Monastic Rule

988 Vladimir Adopts Christianity

1054 The East-West Schism

1095 Pope Urban II Launches the First Crusade

1272 Thomas Aquinas Concludes His Word on Summa Theologiae

1378 The Great Papal Schism

1456 Gutenberg Produces the First Printed Bible

1517 Luther Posts the 95 Theses

1521 The Diet of Worms

1525 The Anabaptist Movement Begins

1534 The Act of Supremacy

1536 John Calvin Publishes Institutes of the Christian Religion

1545 The Council of Trent Begins

1611 Publication of the King James Bible

1738 John & Charles Wesley Experience Conversions

1740 The Great Awakening Peaks

1962 The Second Vatican Council

Seventy-Five Other Important Events in Church History


THE END TIMES & BEYOND: A Concise, Chronological Overview of End-Time Bible Prophecies

What does the Bible say about the future? Will wars and famines ever cease? Will there ever be peace in the Middle East? Will Jesus return to the Earth? Learn where the world is headed in this clear overview of upcoming events in Bible prophecy. Pastor, author, and teacher Charlie Campbell, discusses prophecies surrounding:

• Societal Degeneration
• the Rapture
• the Tribulation + Antichrist
• the Invasion of Israel
• the Battle of Armageddon
• Jesus’s Second Coming + Reign
• the Great White Throne Judgment
• the New Earth + more 

Charlie holds to a Pretribulational Rapture and Premillennial Second Coming (the same view shared by Norman Geisler, John Walvoord, John MacArthur, Warren Wiersbe, Chuck Smith, etc.).

A group of teenagers visiting Israel with their families risk their lives investigating the whereabouts of Bible-affirming archaeological artifacts that were stolen from a museum in Jerusalem. Will they find the artifacts? Why are they important? What did they reveal about the Bible? Find out in Dakota Knox and the Archaeology Thief! The sequels are out here: Book 2 and Book 3


ONE-MINUTE ANSWERS TO SKEPTICS: Concise Responses to the Top 50 Objections & Questions

Could you use help answering atheists, skeptics, and agnostics’ top 50 objections and questions about God and the Bible? Objections like:

•  “Why doesn’t God just appear to us in a public setting and prove He exists?”
•  “The New Testament authors stole details for Jesus’s life story from religions that were around long before Christianity!”
•  “The God of the Old Testament commanded the Israelites to commit genocide!”
•  “The Bible condones slavery! Only evil, selfish men would concoct a book like that!”
•  “You think Christianity is true because you live in the West and were brought up in the Christian faith. If you had been born in India, you’d be a Hindu!”

Learn how these and other objections and questions can be answered.


ARCHAEOLOGICAL EVIDENCE FOR THE BIBLE: Discoveries that Verify People, Places, and Events in the World's Most Influential Book

Archaeologists have unearthed thousands of ancient artifacts, documents, and inscriptions that verify details in the Bible. Join Charlie Campbell for a journey through the ancient land of the Bible (Israel, Egypt, Jordan, etc.) to learn about dozens of these fascinating discoveries. This updated edition features:

•  New discoveries
•  Concise explanations of finds
•  100+ color photographs
•  Bible-history timeline
•  Subject and Scripture index
•  Questions for discussion
•  300+ footnotes for further study
•  Q&A with the author



This tiny USB flash drive contains all 34 of Charlie Campbell’s videos (approx. 50 mins. each) on a wide variety of issues related to the defense of the Christian faith. Just plug it into the USB port on your television or computer (Mac or PC) and begin watching. Click here to order or for more details.

Apologetics Quotes

APOLOGETICS QUOTES: Words That Will Strengthen Your Faith & Equip You to Answer Critics of the Bible

This updated edition now includes more than 500 faith-strengthening quotes by leading defenders of the Christian faith . . .

•  Norman Geisler
•  Lee Strobel
•  John Lennox
•  Ron Rhodes
•  C.S. Lewis
•  Josh McDowell
•  Frank Turek
•  J. Warner Wallace + lots more

Includes author, subject, and scripture index.


Bible Evidence 250px

SCROLLS & STONES: Compelling Evidence the Bible Can Be Trusted

Can we trust the Bible? Isn’t the Bible just “ancient fiction” written by fallible, perhaps even deceitful men? Haven’t books of the Bible been lost and even tampered with down through the centuries? Isn’t the Bible out-of- sync with scientific discoveries? What about the apparent contradictions in the Bible? What makes the Bible any different than the Hindu Vedas, Quran, or Book of Mormon?  Charlie Campbell has been researching answers to questions like these for nearly twenty-five years. It was his initial research that led him to become a follower of Jesus in 1990. In Scrolls & Stones he shares some of the evidence that changed his mind back then but also fascinating new discoveries . . . all confirming the reliability of the Bible. You’ll learn about:

•  Extrabiblical Historical Sources that Verify Biblical Events
•  Scientific Discoveries Archaeological Evidence
•  Fulfilled Prophecies
•  Ancient Scrolls and Manuscripts
•  Answers to Skeptics’ Objections and Questions
•  Questions for further reflection and small group discussion
•  Full subject index



Many teens growing up in Christian homes have not been exposed to the wealth of evidence and good arguments for God’s existence and the trustworthiness of the Bible. Under-equipped and weak in their faith, many young adults walk away from the Christian faith after they move out of the house, if not before. ABR hears this sad story over and over from heartbroken parents. Well, we would love to help prevent this from happening to your son or daughter. Charlie Campbell, the founder of ABR, has developed a “Youth Apologetics Course” that will help EQUIP your son or daughter to STAND STRONG in the truth and “contend earnestly for the faith” (Jude 3). It consists of ten videos, two books, and a fill-in-the-blank workbook that your teen can watch, read, and go through at their own pace at home. Learn more here.