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Thank you for inquiring about ABR’s copyright policy. In an age when copyright infringement is running rampant, it is a blessing to know that many Christians want to be above reproach when it comes to copying various forms of media. We commend you for this.


Redistribution of Articles

We do not allow our articles to be cut and pasted into other sites as it has an adverse effect on search engine’s ability to find our site. And it prevents us from being able to correct and update articles as new information becomes available or typos are discovered. So please feel free to link to our articles but not to embed them in your website. Small portions of our our material may be quoted without ABR’s permission if they are accompanied by proper documentation.

Redistribution of MP3s, CDs, DVDs

All of the DVDs, CDs, MP3s available on our website are copyrighted. That is to say, it is not lawful to make duplicates of, or post on the Internet (e.g., Youtube, Vimeo), any of the DVDs, CDs or MP3s found on this website or in our online store without the written permission of The Always Be Ready Apologetics Ministry. Why? A few reasons…

A. Expenses for past ministry

There has been a large cost incurred in developing the resources we produce. The computers, software, printing, shipping, packaging costs, purchase of photographs for our DVDs, study and research materials, time, etc. add up. The sale of our resources allows us to recover the cost of developing these resources.


B. Funding for future ministry

The sale of our resources is our ministry’s primary source of income. If we give away permission to duplicate and give away our materials we are in effect cutting ourselves off from the source of income that we have that allows us to continue the ministry. 

• ABR doesn’t send out emails or letters soliciting people for their financial support and giving dire predictions that we’ll have to close our doors soon if we don’t receive enough donations.

• ABR does not charge anything when our speakers teach at churches, conferences, retreats, schools, etc.  We’re blessed to not have to do any of these things. So how does the ABR ministry survive? The Lord provides for us through the sale of our DVDs, CDs and books.

C. Free Resources

ABR gives away a ton of FREE articles and audio (teachings to listen to) on our website. If a person cannot afford a DVD or CD there is a lot of free helpful material on our site (www.AlwaysBeReady.com).


D. Low Prices

We keep the prices of our resources low enough for most people to be able to afford them.

If you think it is important enough for a friend or family member to watch or listen to one our DVDs or CDs, we ask that you consider one of these options: 1) Loan them your copy. 2) Purchase an additional copy for them. 3) Tell them how they can purchase the resource themselves at www.AlwaysBeReady.com.


We believe there are situations when God would have us to make exceptions to the above stated policy particularly in the case of duplicating resources for nonbelievers. Why? A lost soul is worth far more to us than the revenue that will be lost through the duplication process. If you would like to give a copy of one of our DVDs or CDs away to a nonbeliever and you are unable to loan them your copy and cannot afford to purchase an additional copy, we are blessed to grant you permission to make up to three copies (of whatever titles you choose) for non-commercial use without our written consent. If you would like to make more than three duplicates, please email us (info [at] alwaysbeready.com), explain your situation, and how many copies you would like to make. We will consider each request on a case by case basis.

Thanks for looking into our copyright policy. We trust that you understand our heart in this matter. Many blessings to you!

The Always Be Ready Apologetics Ministry