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If you are new to finding about the Emerging Church Movement (a heretical movement that has morphed, faded, and done most of its damage by now), we recommend starting here by listening to: “The Emerging Church” by Charlie Campbell. ABR is no longer updating this page, but we will leave it here because people still ask about it.


“Troubling Quotes By Prominent Authors & Speakers in the Emerging Church Movement” Compiled by Charlie Campbell

New for 2018: “Rob Bell, Fundamentalist: 5 Ironies from the New Bell Film” by Owen Strachan 

“What’s So Dangerous About the Emerging Church?” by John MacArthur

Responses to Rob Bell’s New Book: LOVE WINS

“The Emergent Church: A Dangerous Counterfeit” by Greg Laurie

The Emergent Church: Emergence or Emergency? by Norman Geisler

“Brian McLaren and the Clarity of Scripture” by John MacArthur (Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5)

“A Review of Rob Bell’s Velvet Elvis (includes critique of Bell’s NOOMA video “Bullhorn.” See Appendix B on p. 50) by Mark Edward Sohmer

“Rob Bell’s Confused Gospel” by Charlie Campbell

“The Dangers of Centering Prayer (also known as Contemplative Prayer)” by Matt Slick

“The Empty Promise of Meditation (Contemplative Prayer)” by Albert Mohler

“An Assessment of the Spiritual Formation Movement” by Gary Gilley


“The Emerging Church and the Battle for the Truth” by Charlie Campbell

“The Emerging Church” by John MacArthur

“The Emerging Church” by Richard Mayhue

“Emerging Church Preaching” by Richard Holland