We are often asked the same questions regarding Charlie speaking, so we have laid out answers to all of the common questions below. Feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions. We’ll be happy to help!


1. Does Charlie charge a fee to come and speak?

This is the most common question ABR gets, so we’ll start by answering it.

No. Charlie does not charge a fee to come and speak. But ABR does ask that churches cover his travel expenses (flight, hotel, rental car) and make a $1,000 or more donation to ABR to help us continue contending for the faith. Once a date is determined, your church can mail the check, made out to ABR, to:

Always Be Ready
PO Box 130342
Carlsbad, CA  92013

A separate check for travel expenses can be mailed after the travel expenses are calculated. ABR will cover his meals, gas, and toll-road expenses.



2. Where does Charlie fly out of?

San Diego, California

3. Should we book Charlie’s flight or will ABR do it?

ABR prefers to book Charlie’s flight and then to be reimbursed with a check that can be handed to Charlie Campbell or mailed to our office after the event.



4. Does Charlie prefer to stay with a host family or at a hotel?

For a good night of sleep, a hotel is preferred. If your venue is south of Santa Barbara, in California, a hotel will not be needed. Charlie will drive to your event.

5. Should we book the hotel or will ABR do this?

ABR will book the hotel. The cost is typically $95–175 per night, depending on the date and location. The cost of the hotel will be included in the travel expenses which ABR will email you about a week before the scheduled teaching event.



6. Does Charlie need a rental car?

If Charlie is flying to your event, yes, he prefers to pick up a rental car at the airport. ABR will reserve it and include the cost with his travel expenses (The cost for this is typically $80 – $200 for a weekend).



7. Can we pick the topic(s) Charlie will speak about?

Yes! Feel free to let us know what topic(s) you’d prefer from any on this list.

8. Does Charlie do Q&As after his teaching sessions?

No. For a variety of reasons (some of which are explained here), Charlie does not do Q&As from the stage, but he is happy to chat with people at his resource table before, after, and in between sessions/services.



9. Is there a particular schedule or format you’d suggest for a seminar?

Charlie’s seminars typically consist of two or three 50-minute presentations with short 10-15 minute breaks in between for fellowship, dessert, coffee, etc. Three popular formats are:

A. Saturday evening (2 sessions/topics) + Sunday AM service(s)

B. Sunday AM service(s) + two topics on Sunday evening (6pm–8PM)

C. Saturday AM (2–3 topics) + Sunday morning service(s)

We have discovered that more people come out to Saturday evening events than Saturday morning events. Many college-aged people won’t come out for a morning event, but they are looking for something to do on a Saturday night.



10. What are Charlie’s Audio-Visual PowerPoint needs when he teaches?

As you may have seen, Charlie’s teachings are visual presentations with a lot of PowerPoint slides (photographs of archaeological discoveries, distant galaxies, the Dead Sea Scrolls, etc). For the presentations to flow smoothly, Charlie must be able to control the presentations himself, from his computer, at the pulpit. Some churches have tried to install his PowerPoint presentations on their AV-booth computer and give Charlie a remote or sync up his computer to screen share. There have been so many problems with that scenario, Charlie would prefer to never try that again. For the presentation slides to run smoothly, they need to run on his computer at the pulpit. So, this requires one of the following connections to the church’s projector(s)/television screens to exist:

•  Male or female VGA cable at the pulpit
•  HDMI cable at the pulpit
•  Apple TV (wireless connection)—Available for purchase here or at your local Best Buy. This has been an excellent solution at lots of churches. Apple TV is easy to set up. Once the Apple TV device is connected to your splitter or projector via an HDMI cable, Charlie can connect wirelessly to the Apple TV from the pulpit, and his slides will go to the screen(s).
• Other wireless connection. Of course, there are other wireless solutions available. This is another excellent option.

Charlie travels with 2 computers (a MacBook Pro and a PC) and all the necessary adapters for connecting to one of the above options. If your church does not have any of the four connection options available, and is unable to put one in place, please let us know ASAP. A couple of solutions are for Charlie to bring a projector and appropriate cables with him. The church would need to provide a portable screen (unless you are based in southern California, Charlie can bring his own screen) or wall for him to project up on to. If your AV team has any questions or concerns about any of this, have them email us at alwaysbeready.com@gmail.com to discuss.

And lastly, whatever set up the church decides on, please test the setup before the event. Charlie has shown up to some churches that didn’t test the set up ahead of time because, “It worked the last time a speaker used it (a year ago!), so we thought it would work fine.” The AV team overlooked that after that event, someone disconnected the power, or a cable, etc.

11. Do Charlie’s PowerPoint presentations have any audio (sound) in them?

No, just visuals.

12. Can we record the audio of Charlie’s message as he teaches?

Yes, and feel free to archive it on your website, publish it on your podcast, radio program, etc.

13. Can we record video of Charlie’s message(s) as he teaches?


14. Does Charlie prefer a podium mic, lavalier mic, or over-the-ear-mic?

His first choice is the over-the-ear mic that he travels with (see it here). With the adapter tips he carries, he can plug it right into any of the common belt packs that churches typically use. He likes this mic best because it fits well and offers exceptional sound.



15. Can you provide us an ABR website logo for promotional use?

Yes, happy to, click here for different options.

16. Can you provide us a photograph of Charlie Campbell or any graphics for social media use?

Yes, of course, click here.



17. What time will Charlie arrive at the event?

One hour before the first service. This usually allows ample time for him to work with the AV team setting up his computer, test the mic, set up his book table, etc.


18. Is Charlie okay with having someone from our armed-security team shadow him?

Yes. If you do not have an armed-security team, you should. Until that is in place at your church, let’s postpone the speaking engagement. 


19. Does Charlie have any medical or health issues that our first-responder team should know about?




20. What kind of food does Charlie like?

Please do not feel the need to feed him. But if you are planning on a dinner or lunch with him, you can hardly go wrong. He loves Mexican, Thai, Italian, Japanese, or even just a good salad or burger. He’s easy.

21. We have a green room for the worship team and speakers. Does Charlie like anything in particular before or in between services?

He really doesn’t like to eat much before he teaches. If there are three or more services, some fresh fruit, a muffin, and coffee are appreciated.

22. Does Charlie prefer regular coffee or decaf?

Regular. Black. No creamer or sugar is needed.

23. We’d like to give Charlie a basket to take home or enjoy at his hotel room. What does he like?

This offer is so appreciated but not necessary. But, if it would bless someone to do that, we certainly don’t want to thwart someone sharing their gift of hospitality. Some of Charlie’s favorite things are water bottles, cold-brew coffee (unsweetened), fruit (grapes, strawberries, oranges, apples), mixed nuts, Kind bars, popcorn, Fritos, and dark chocolate.



24. Would Charlie like a table set up to make some of his books and DVDs available after he teaches?

Yes, that would be a blessing. A six or eight-foot table would be perfect.

25. When Charlie arrives, will he want any help at his table setting out his books and DVDs?

No. He prefers to lay things out in a particular way. Thank you though!

26. Will Charlie man his table after each teaching? Would he like a helper at that point?

Yes, it is best if he is at his table after each teaching to answer questions about the content of his books and videos. If the church has more than 150 adults, a helper would be a blessing. Thank you.

27. Will Charlie bring change for his table?

Yes. He will also be able to accept debit and credit cards on his phone.

28. Would Charlie like to use our Wi-Fi (and login code) for his credit card reader?

Yes, that would be a blessing (though not a must if it is not available).



29. Is there a short bio somewhere, so we can let people know a little bit about Charlie when he is introduced?

Please feel free to say whatever you’d like, but here’s a sample:

“Charlie Campbell is an itinerant Christian apologist. He travels throughout the year speaking at churches and conferences, equipping Christians to answer skeptics, atheists, the cults, and other critics of the Bible. He is the author of several books and DVDs on the existence of God and the reliability of the Bible, as well as the founder of the popular apologetics website AlwaysBeReady.com. Prior to his current role, he was an instructor at the Calvary Chapel Bible College in Murrieta, California. He lives in sunny San Diego, California, with his wife and five kids. Please welcome with me if you would, Charlie Campbell…”


Thanks for taking the time to read through these. If there are any other questions you’d like answered, please e
mail us here.