“Charlie Campbell gives such good answers to a lot of the difficult questions that we do have presented to us.”
Chuck Smith
Founding Pastor of the Calvary Chapel movement, Costa Mesa, CA

“Not only do I love having Charlie Campbell speak here, I wish the guy was here all the time. . . . I love his conservative Biblical view, his worldview, his approach to Scripture. . . . What Charlie teaches you can put into practice. And that is the mark of an excellent Bible teacher and a very well-educated man, which Charlie is. He’s a friend. He’s a warrior . . . I can’t say enough about my good friend. Love the man!”
Jack Hibbs
Pastor, Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, CA

“Charlie is a man of integrity, a true Berean, and a personal encouragement to me. I’m excited to see what the Lord has in store for this man of faith.”
Jeremy Camp
Christian recording artist and Dove Award winner

“Charlie Campbell’s books and materials are incredible—beautifully illustrated, thoroughly researched, and very well written. He is an apologist extraordinaire! Don’t miss his stuff—it will stretch your mind, stir your soul, and bless your heart.”
Ed Hindson
Distinguished Professor of Religion at Liberty University and Gold Medallion award-winning author of 40+ books

“I hope many seekers will give serious consideration to the thoughts so well expressed in this timely and pithy book. Well worth reading.”
Charles Colson
Founder of Prison Fellowship, author of more than twenty books, international speaker, radio commentator

One Minute Answers to Skeptics is a handy book with helpful answers for busy people.”
Norman Geisler
Founder of Southern Evangelical Seminary and author of 100+ books

“A refreshing model of ‘conversational apologetics!’ This book will equip you to be ‘always ready to give an answer for the hope that lies within you.’”
Nancy DeMoss
Author, Revive Our Hearts radio host

“Far exceeded my expectations. Your Sunday morning message I think has to be the best I’ve ever heard on the subject. Thanks!”
Lloyd Pulley
Pastor, Calvary Chapel Old Bridge, NJ

“I wanted to thank you for your ministry to our church. I cannot tell you how blessed our fellowship was. People were encouraged, challenged, and blessed by the presentation.”
John Randall

Pastor, Calvary Chapel South OC, San Clemente, CA

“I would like to both thank and congratulate Charlie on his One Minute Answers To Skeptics. It is both basic and excellent in that the answers are simple, accurate and precise to many questions that people have in their struggles to understand the Bible. I appreciated Charlie’s ability to take the often difficult questions and answer very well.”
Don McClure
Pastor, conference speaker

One Minute Answers is a much needed book in the world today. Charlie Campbell has done an excellent job bringing to the reader answers to age-old questions. Charlie Campbell in, One Minute Answers, has shed light in a dark world. He’s made it easy and enjoyable reading.”
Mike MacIntosh
Horizon International Ministries

“I have been friends with Charlie for a long time, and we have served in ministry together for years. I have the utmost respect for Charlie as a Christian man. His personal integrity, his love for Jesus and his passion for the truth inspire me to serve the Lord. Charlie is a blessing to our fellowship anytime he is here. Always thorough, always practical, always inspiring!”
Rob Salvato
Pastor, Calvary Chapel, Vista, CA

“Thank you so much for coming and sharing with our church body! You did a tremendous job, and I heard nothing but great comments about your content as well as your presentation.”
Ray Bentley
Pastor, Maranatha Chapel, CA

“Thank you for being a part of our conference, especially in the difficult days we are living in. Thank you for speaking God’s truth into the hearts of the people.”
Raul Ries
Pastor, Calvary Chapel Golden Springs, CA

“Charlie Campbell has done a wonderful job of earnestly contending for the faith. His depth of thought
will be a powerful tool for leaders and defenders of the faith and his succinct clarity will be a blessing to all who want to know the truth.”
Britt Merrick
Pastor, Reality Church, Carpinteria, CA

“Charlie Campbell is a mutual friend of many of us. He’s a dear brother, man of God, husband, father, a contender for the faith and a Biblical apologist.”
Bob Hoekstra
Founder of Living in Christ Ministries

“It is always a pleasure for this fellowship to have Charlie Campbell as our guest speaker.”
Steve Mays
Pastor, Calvary Chapel South Bay, Gardena, CA

“The people here love Charlie Campbell and always enjoy his ministry to them. He’s doing an important work for Jesus.”
Ed Taylor
Pastor, Calvary Chapel in Aurora, CO

“Charlie Campbell is a good friend of ours and one of the premier Christian apologists in our time. I recommend him and his resources highly!”
Layne Livingtston
Pastor, 412 Church, San Jacinto, CA

“Thank you for your ministry! What an important and effective work you do in providing apologetics for the Body of Christ. Everything I’ve seen from you is outstanding. Well done.”
Lance Ralston
Pastor, Calvary Chapel, Oxnard, CA

“I have heard that one definition of genius is taking things complex and being able to simplify them. I was impressed that such difficult questions could be adequately answered in such a few lines. I think the majority of Christians, who want and need answers to tough questions like these, often want a simple, sufficient answer without having to read an entire book on the subject. In quick, simple answers Charlie has done it. I know this was not easy, but on behalf of Christians everywhere in all sincerity, thanks.”
Bryan Newberry
Pastor, Calvary Chapel San Diego, CA

“Our staff here continues to hear reports from people (parents and students especially) telling us how much they appreciated Charlie’s presentations at our apologetics conference. I’ve personally had a bunch of parents tell me what an impact his messages had on their kids . . . He is one of the best apologetics communicators in the nation.”
Jason Carlson
Pastor, Lakes Free Church, Lindstrom, MN

“The Calvary Chapel Downey body is always blessed when Charlie Campbell comes. He is like family to us.”
Jeff Johnson
Pastor, Calvary Chapel of Downey, CA

“The Lord has clearly blessed Charlie Campbell with a gift of teaching . . . I listened to a couple of his DVDs. Very impressive.”
Dan Story
Christian apologist, author of numerous books including Defending Your Faith

“Charlie is a man of impeccable character and has been a faithful friend of our ministry for years now and his word is his bond. We never worry when it comes to scheduling an event with Charlie and have never used anything other than a verbal agreement and a handshake to seal the deal. Charlie is a true servant who has always sought to give more than he receives. Our church family is blessed each time he comes and teaches and we look forward to his being with us again soon.”
Mike Osthimer
Pastor, Calvary Chapel Bakersfield, CA

“Charlie Campbell provides believers with one of the most useful tools to come along in a long time. In fact, I know of no other book that covers so much important territory in such a short time.”
George Bryson
Author, Missionary, Founder of Calvary Chapel Church Planting Ministry

“I just wanted to let you know that your visit here was very fruitful, and we are still getting many weekly requests for copies of your teaching.”
Bill Osborn

Assistant Pastor, Calvary Chapel Budapest, Hungary

“I just have to express to you again how impressed I was with your presentation to my congregation this past Sunday. My people thoroughly enjoyed you and the information you shared with them. I even had some younger children who were in the service tell their parents how easy it was to learn through you. My people are anxious to schedule having you back and so am I.”
Sheldon Boyd
Pastor, Cornerstone Community Church of the Nazarene

“I just wanted to say thank you for coming and sharing last week. It was a great night, I had a lot of people tell me how blessed they were, and asked about having you come back.”
Shawn Stone
Pastor, Maranatha Chapel, San Diego, CA

“Charlie, indeed you were a huge blessing to us at Calvary Chapel Montrose. God is obviously using you in these last days . . . Our church was amazed and blessed and now, thanks to your faithfulness, equipped to defend the faith.”
Ben Garate
Pastor, Calvary Chapel Montrose, CO

“Thank you so much for speaking at our fellowship this past Sunday. We heard nothing but good reports. Our fellowship was truly blessed.”
Danny Carranza
Pastor, Calvary Chapel Pomona Valley, CA

“Just watched your video on preterism last night and was truly blessed. Thank you for sharing the truth! Keep faithful to the Word and may the Lord continue to use your ministry to proclaim Christ!”
Tom Bruce
Pastor, Calvary Chapel Semo, MO

“One of the young adults, who was at the meeting when you came and spoke, still hasn’t stopped talking about it. The equipping he got was pivotal in his life, he has now been able to witness to his parents and just have a much stronger faith in the Word.”
Mike Winger
Pastor, Hosanna Chapel of Bellflower, CA

“I am the Senior High Youth Pastor at Calvary Chapel of Olympia and have been doing your apologetic series with our youth group. I bought the 10 DVD series and have been blessed!!! I was so blessed by watching them and thought you did a great job in explaining things that I decided to take the high school group threw the DVD series. Even though the DVDs are an hour long, the kids just eat them up and crave the truth. I make handouts for them from your articles and incorporate my own questions and verses. The series has been awesome and I just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work you put in.”
Daniel Williams
Pastor, Calvary Chapel of Olympia, WA

“Thank you so much for coming up again and educating us on how to defend our faith. Your presentations are phenomenal!”
Tom Balli
Pastor, Calvary Chapel Lake Arrowhead, CA

“Thank you for all your work and for coming to the Missionary conference this year! . . . I thoroughly enjoyed your presentations.”
Pierre Petrignani
Pastor, Calvary Chapel in Nice, France

“Just wanted to let you know that our church body saw the DVD for The Da Vinci Code and was totally blessed. It’s wonderful to see how the Lord is using your ministry!”
Marc Orozco
Pastor, Calvary Chapel Brandon, FL

“I just wanted to thank you for the killer work on the DVD series you did. I am taking my youth group through the whole series. It has been incredible. We use a lot of it when we go out and evangelize on the streets, and not only that, but I have grown as a pastor through it as well. I feel it is a huge piece we are missing in the overall picture as the church. We are good at telling people what to believe, but rarely why they should believe it.”
Tristan Greth
Youth Pastor, Calvary Chapel Rancho Santa Margarita