(ABR dedicates all of these encouraging comments to Jesus! Psalm 40:16)

“Thank you for coming to Houston yesterday for our conference. I so very much enjoyed your teaching. I love the way you incorporate the questions people may have into your presentation. That is such an effective way to teach…I hope you can come and teach again.” –Patty, Houston

“…My faith had pretty much come to a standstill for many years until one day I was driving my father-in-law’s car to the shop to change his tires when your CD came on. It was the one about evidence for God, and it was pretty much half way through the CD. After I heard it I borrowed the CD from my father-in-law and listened to it another 3 times in my own car for the next week or so. I was so drawn to the amazing evidences out there that I failed to see all these years, and was truly blown away. It has been a little over a year since then, any my faith has grown leaps and bounds. Not only do I read the bible, but I try to as you would put it “always be ready.” I’ve come to realize how unequipped we are, and that when we are approached with tough questions that Satan has devised, a lot of times we don’t know how to answer. Thank you once again! I spend many hours now trying to read and listen to your notes on all the topics. May God bless you abundantly for your faithfulness.” Chris, Toronto

“I just want to let you know that your work has saved my life! I grew up in a broken home, in Long Beach, California with no father figure in my life. I always felt a sense of emptiness and loneliness. I turned to music, drugs and alcohol to try to fill the void in my life. I was a musician and played in several hardcore punk rock bands over the last 20 years. I was a corruptive and destructive force to many young people over the years. My mother and sister are born again and have been trying to minister to me for countless years. I thought they were weak minded and ignorant. I believed that science and evolution proved that the bible was a fairy tale. But finally their perseverance paid off!….My sister gave me a series of DVDs from Always Be Ready Ministry by Charlie Campbell. I was absolutely amazed!!! This was what I needed to be a brave new Christian, no longer ashamed or worried of what others might think! I now pray in my own loud voice! I used to whisper my prayers but not any more! Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for giving me courage, hope, and FAITH IN JESUS! Charlie Campbell is just what people like me need to find the truth in Christ!!!!! THANK YOU CHARLIE!!! MAY GOD BLESS YOU.” Cole

“This is for Charlie who presented today at Calvary Chapel Aurora. I just wanted to thank him for the great message. I had actually already seen his DVD but hearing his message again was so powerful I had trouble holding back tears as my respect for the Word of God was renewed.” Eric 

“…I attend Calvary Chapel South Bay. I had just heard Charlie Campbell speak tonight on the Jehovah’s Witnesses and I just wanted to let you know what a great study it was….I am a regular visitor to AlwaysBeReady.com and I can’t tell you enough the number of hours that I have spent studying your studies and watching your DVDs…” Peter

“I attend Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale and a friend of mine recently gave me a few of Charlie Campbell’s “workshop” DVDs including the one on Jehovah Witnesses and Roman Catholicism. First I would like to thank you for doing such a thorough EXCELLENT job putting those workshops together…Once again thank you for all of your help! Your teaching from California is blessing those of us here in South Florida!” Jay

“I saw Charlie Campbell last Monday at Metro Calvary in Rocklin, California. What an awesome and insightful discussion of “The End Times” that was. Great Job Charlie! I came down there from my hometown and church because my son saw Charlie present “Evidence for the Existence of God.” I was able to get an audio CD of the presentation/message and am and was most impressed with the concise discussion and simple yet compelling reasoning that Charlie gave…” –Andrew

“I just finished watching Charlie Campbell’s DVD the Evidence for the Bible and all I can say is WOW and thank you very, very much. I read and search always for things to strengthen my faith and knowledge in and about God and this is by far the best. It’s very easy to follow and understand and is a work of art. Great job and keep up the good work as there are so many of us out here that need these types of aids in our journey. Thanks again and God bless you.” Joe

“My name is Megan and I am 15 years old. I live in Chino hills with my mom and go to Calvary Chapel Chino Hills. I heard Pastor Campbell’s Evidence for the Bible yesterday and was really touched….It was an amazing sermon! Your message truly blessed me! Thank You!” Megan

“…I drive to work, which is quite a distance. I listened to the first message today “How to Stop a Critic Dead in His Tracks” [now called “How to Respond to Critics”] and already I am learning. As you say in the message by asking questions when people make statements regarding Christianity, It puts the ball back in their court. You don’t know how many times I have gone off into a debate defending my faith when all I should have done is ask a question, Brilliant. I know I have to answer questions but as you said It also buys me some time. As I said I am already learning. I cant wait to listen to more…” Richard, Mansfied, England

“I have shared your recording on Evidence for the Existence of God with a number or people, and they all agree; you have a gift and bring up such awesome points and reasoning. God Bless you and your work! I am so impressed and pleased too with your website, especially your quick links to various religions, the commonalities, the differences and how to talk to people of these different faiths to get them to discover themselves, the flaws of their faith.” Andrew

“Hi, my name is Alia and I attend Calvary Chapel in Lexington, SC. Charlie Campbell just spoke at our church last week and I just wanted to say that I thought he was wonderful. I’m 11 years old and I’m old enough now to sit in the service. Although I’m young, I understood everything that he was saying. Sometimes I doubt that our religion is the right religion. Out of those millions of religions, how do I know that the Christian religion is the one that’s really true? Well, when he preached, I knew it was Jesus coming to me and saying not to doubt!!!!!! I’m so glad I got to hear his message. I hope he gets this message because I really want him to know that I am so thankful for him and his sermon. It really changed my life!!!!! Alia (an 11 yr. old who thought your sermon changed their life!!!!!)

“I had the privilege of listening to Charlie Campbell at the Calvary Chapel, Rancho Cucamonga church concerning The Lost Tomb of Jesus. I was extremely impressed and definitely edified. When I saw the news reporting the garbage about finding Jesus’ tomb my faith wasn’t shaken at all. However, I did question myself about how I would answer questions from my unbelieving family members and friends. Thanks to the grace and mercy of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, your ministry has provided me with the remedy. Thank you sooooooo much.” Todd

“I am a Pastor in New Jersey and I am teaching on apologetics at our Bible college…I have many of Pastor Charlie’s other DVDs and really enjoy them…” Anthony

“Thank you for the evening you spent with us in Munich [Germany]–I have enjoyed your teaching a lot. It was good to hear some solid teaching on the Bible, especially because of all the false teaching I am hearing at the University at the moment…” Martin

“I heard a podcast of you teaching at my sister’s church (Reality Carpinteria) and after hearing that I checked out your website…I have really appreciated the information that you’ve provided on your website and it’s given me TONS of insight in ways to talk to people about Christ.” –Janelle

“What an awesome site! I’ve been truly blessed by this website. Praise God for it!” Casey

“My husband and I attend Reality in Carpinteria and were so very blessed this past Sunday to hear you teach – AMEN AMEN!!!!! I have been on your website and again feel so very blessed to learn what you share – especially with the typical questions that you have on there—and also about the differences in Catholic beliefs and ours—I was raised in the Catholic church and many of my family believe I am in a cult now that I no longer attend a Catholic Church. They even believe it is strange that I read my Bible! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so informative. You have made my increase of wisdom easier to attain. I love the Bible, but your website is just what I needed.” Grace

“I watched the young gentleman on DVD [ Evidence for the Bible ] who gave the presentation at the Calvary Chapel South Bay over this last weekend…it was GREAT!…I feel a renewed commitment to live for the LORD JESUS all over again…I needed this encouragement…Thank you…I thank GOD for HIS ministry through you…and GOD bless you in your service to HIM.” Ed

“A few weeks ago, you came to Calvary Chapel Ramona and gave a seminar….We LOVED it! That same day we bought your book, One Minute Answers To Skeptics’ Top Forty Questions. I happened to read it in one night it was so good….I have always had many (really quite a bit!) questions and only a few short answers. Up until your seminar at our church I had not really met someone with a passion for answers concerning many subjects. Your help has given me a lot of answers, and didn’t make me feel wrong for having so many questions. I had started to feel as if I didn’t have any faith if I had questions concerning the Bible and other things…you came right in time and really gave me a big boost.” Jason

“Thank you so much for coming out to Maranatha Chapel and speaking on The Da Vinci Code. There has already been much fruit from it.” –Amelia

“Just wanted to say we really enjoyed Mr. Campbell’s talk at Maranatha Chapel. We invited several relatives and friends and they enjoyed it as well…” JoAnn and Marc

“…please keep up the good work. Even if it is only one person you turn to God, or just one person you help through the righteous path (like me) they in turn will tell others, and so on…I hope in turn to bring light to other confused Christians and skeptics as you helped clear the clouds for me…” Jason

“We just had to write and tell you thank you for all your efforts and resources on witnessing to Mormons on your web sight. We used your technique to the “T” and it was the most spirit led experience we had ever had in witnessing!….The best part about this is the tables were turned in such a non-threatening way that you don’t even realize it. 🙂 God is so good!” Irene

“A few weeks ago, you spoke at a youth winter camp for many churches. I attented that camp. I wanted to tell you that your messages were wonderful!…I am in eighth grade. I wrote 18 pages of notes. But I also learned immensely from that. Thank you soo much….I hope you continue to bless others through your amazing presentations. Thank you and God bless.” Emily

“I have watched the Islam DVD three times and find it extremely fact-filled. My son’s girl friend is Muslim and we are listening to all we can to be better informed on how to share the love of God with her. Last week after listening to Charlie’s DVD on Jehovah’s Witnesses, they came by and I was able to remember many of the things Charlie presented. Of course they will be back. As I progress through the DVD’s I purchased, I can’t wait to see who comes to the door next. Keep up the great work of producing fine quality apologetical materials.” Les

“Dear Pastor Charlie, I just thought that I would drop you a little note about how the Lord is using your ministry. I really enjoyed the conference we had out here in New Jersey, and am thankful to the Lord for you…One of my co-workers in the hospital that I work at is South Indian, from India! Her and her husband had been in contact with numerous Hindus in their neighborhood. They were ministering to them, but something was missing. I gave her the message on Hinduism—and when I saw her the next time she was thoroughly excited. Two of the families that were Hindu came to the Lord, and is now active in their fellowship! She and her husband are anxious to learn more, and she is like: “Do you have more?” And I am like: “Which ones?” And she said: “Any, please.” I guess I can give them the Catholic or Muslim one…” Vinnie

“Hi my name is Christina. I go to Calvary Chapel Upland. I went to Calvary Chapel Chino Hills I believe about a week ago and you guest spoke on the 5 questions to ask skeptics. It was a great study and I wanted more so I went to your website. I found so much information and material that is going to help me so much in preparing for my mission trip to Wales. Anyway, I don’t want to take up too much of your time. I just wanted to thank you. God has blessed you with a great gift of teaching and He is truly blessing me through you. Thanks again for the time and the heart you put in your teachings and studies. Take care and God Bless.” Christina

“I am preparing to take a team of college students to Salt Lake City on a mission to LDS members. I purchased your Defending the Faith DVD set and loved the DVD on Mormonism. I used it as part of the training process for the trip…” Loren, College Pastor

“I wanted to let Charlie know that his apologetics videos are awesome! About a year ago I ordered the Defending the Faith set and have been having a once a month class at our church. It has taught our group to go and give an answer to our faith. Thank you Charlie for your diligence in teaching us to be bold! Today I also ordered the rest of the teachings you have to add to the collection. May God keep blessing your ministry.” Robert

“I just wanted to give a brief note of thanks for your work concerning the Zeitgeist propaganda. I was asked to watch this from a friend and after watching it, and without any thing to refute it, I was truly shocked. For a couple of days my faith was shaken to its core. I prayed to God that if there was any way to disprove this movie please give it to me. After only one search on the Internet, lo and behold, there you guys were. Thank you so much for this information. God bless and keep up the good work.” Jim

“Charlie, recently you spoke at my church, The Crossings, in Eastvale (Corona), California. I just wanted to tell you how inspired I am by your solid and clear evidence that God is real and the Bible is authentic and supported by history and archaeology. Although I am twelve years old, I was able to comprehend your message [Evidence for the Bible] and found that it was interesting, full of facts and helped me to understand how to better witness to my friends. Thank you for your awesome teachings and I hope that you will return to speak at our church sometime soon. Thank you and have a blessed day.” Julia

“I want to sincerely thank you from my heart…I love you and your videos. You are an answer to prayer and I can’t thank you enough. Crying as I type this. My mother and her husband each made a confession in belief and accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior last week and disavowed the Roman Catholic faith and want nothing to do with it. I showed them your DVD on Roman Catholicism in addition to presenting the gospel to them over 7 weeks….My mother was in tears sobbing. Was beautiful to hear her say how disillusioned she was with the pope and Catholicism….I invited them to each ask God if they want to receive the gift of regeneration, and spiritual rebirth because I don’t want anyone to repeat my prayer but rather each individually I believe must ask God for the gift of their own salvation. They each prayed separately and it was beautiful to witness. I cried watching this come to pass. Thank you.” –Marcio