Hermeneutics Apologetics


"HERMENEUTICS 101: Some Rules and Guidelines for Interpreting the Bible" by Charlie Campbell

1.  Let Scripture interpret Scripture. 
2.  The meaning of a word, phrase, sentence, or paragraph must be derived from the context.   
3.  Interpret the Scriptures knowing that the goal in interpretation is not to discover hidden, secret truths, or to be unique in your interpretation.
4. Interpret the Scriptures literally unless you have good reason to believe that they are figurative.


"Historical Implications of Allegorical Interpretation"
by Thomas Ice

"Rightly Interpreting the Bible" by Ron Rhodes


"Preach the Word" by Charlie Campbell


"How to Interpret the Bible and Bible Prophecy" by Norman Geisler


Teaching Preaching Book 300px

TEACHING & PREACHING GOD'S WORD: 78 Concise Exhortations
(Book) by Charlie Campbell

Teaching God's Word is a privilege and a blessing, but it is no easy task. Some preachers make it look easy, but for those of you who've done it, you know better. Drawing on 20 years of teaching experience and the wisdom and advice of beloved preachers like: 

•  Charles Spurgeon 
•  Martyn Lloyd-Jones 
•  G. Campbell Morgan 
•  Martin Luther 
•  Warren Wiersbe 
•  F. B. Meyer 
•  Alistair Begg 
•  Chuck Smith 
•  John MacArthur 
•  Albert Mohler 

Charlie Campbell shares 78 concise suggestions, ideas, exhortations and words of encouragement on teaching the Bible. The book’s short, stand-alone chapters are ideally suited for busy teachers. Whether you are a novice at teaching the Bible or a seasoned preacher, you're sure to benefit from the ideas, Biblical wisdom and heart-stirring quotes by some of church history's greatest teachers. Paperback: 206 pages. Click here to purchase.


BASIC BIBLE INTERPRETATION: A Practical Guide to Discovering Biblical Truth

(Book) by Roy Zuck

Has God called you to teach His Word? If your answer is yes, buy this book! Basic Bible Interpretation by Dr. Roy Zuck (an instructor at Dallas Theological Seminary) is a marvelous resource that will be of immense help to all people who are serious students of the Word, but especially to those who teach the Word. In this book Roy Zuck lays out numerous helpful rules and guidelines for the proper interpretation of the Bible. His advice will surely steer you away from many of the common errors people make. Charlie Campell says, "We used this book as our text book in the class that I taught on hermeneutics and the students loved it! It is the best book on hermeneutics that I know of." Hardcover, 324 pages.


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