Do you need help talking with homosexual friends and family about a relationship with God? Do you need help answering some of the questions and criticisms that people have raised concerning the Bible’s teaching on homosexual activity? Below are some of the best resources we know of addressing this topic. These resources all lovingly discuss what the Bible has to say about homosexuality, but they also talk about the hope, freedom, and forgiveness that homosexuals can have by embracing Jesus.




1. “What two consenting adults do is their business. They have the right to do whatever they’d like to do.”

2. “But Jesus said to love people, even your enemies in Matthew 5:44. Christians’ rejection of homosexuals is downright hateful!”

3. “Christians who are opposed to homosexuality and same-sex marriage are bigots!”

4. “Well, Christians are certainly homophobic!”

5. “In John 7:24, Jesus said, “Do not judge!” And yet you Christians persist in casting judgment—saying homosexual activity is wrong.”

6. “You Christians ignore Old Testament laws forbidding the eating of pork and shellfish (Lev. 11:7–12) and wearing clothing of mixed fibers (Lev. 19:19). It’s blatantly inconsistent for you to cling to its stance on homosexuality!”

7. “If certain laws and regulations in the Old Testament are no longer binding, it’s safe to conclude the Old Testament’s prohibition against same-gender sexual activity (Lev. 18:22, 20:13) is no longer binding either.”

8. “Jesus never said a word about same-gender sexual activity. If it was sinful or important to God, He surely would have addressed it.”

9. “What two consenting homosexuals do in the privacy of their bedroom isn’t hurting anyone.”

10. “Homosexuals were born that way. It certainly can’t be wrong for them to fulfill their desires.”

11. “When Paul spoke of homosexual activity in Romans 1, he wasn’t speaking of homosexuals or lesbians committed to one another in loving monogamous relationships; he was speaking of sensual homosexual acts that took place in idolatrous temples by sexually inflamed idol worshipers. He had in mind homosexual prostitution and pederasty (men with boys).”

12. “What Paul writes in 1 Corinthians 6:9 might not even be related to homosexual acts of any kind, since there is wide debate about what the Greek words translated “homosexuals” really mean.”

13. “But even if the Bible teaches that homosexual activity is wrong, why are so many Christians opposed to allowing two homosexuals to marry?”

14. “I’ve heard some Christians say they wouldn’t attend a wedding ceremony for two people of the same sex. Why wouldn’t they do that?”

15. “But Jesus ate with “sinners and tax collectors” (Mark 2:16). Christians’ refusal to attend homosexual weddings seems un-Jesus like.”

16. “If God exists, why would He declare a behavior sinful that a person can’t change? Lots of homosexuals have tried to change and they cannot.”


“The Top Ten Myths About Homosexuality” by the Family Research Council

“God and the Gay Christian?: A Response to Matthew Vines” (An excellent free PDF e-book) with chapters written by Albert Mohler, Denny Burk, and others

“The Bible and Same-Sex Marriage: 6 Common but Mistaken Claims” by Darrell Bock

“Almost Everything the Media Tell You About Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Is Wrong” by Ryan T. Anderson

“Homosexuality: A Christian Response to the Arguments of the Gay Rights Movement” by Joe Dallas

“The Bible Condemns a Lot––Why Focus on Homosexuality?” by Albert Mohler (Note: CNN pulled down the original post, so the link is to an archive of it)

“The Great Divide: Same-Sex Marriage and the Evangelical Christian” by Dr. Erwin Lutzer

“40 Questions For Christians Now Waving Rainbow Flags” by Kevin DeYoung

“Freedom to Change Your Life: Why the Government Shouldn’t Ban “Reparative Therapy”” by Walt Heyer

“Gay Is Not The New Black” by Voddie Baucham

“That Which is Unnatural: Homosexuality in Society, the Church, and Scripture (Pt. 2)” by Joseph P. Gudel


Homosexuality DVD
HOMOSEXUALITY AND THE BIBLE: Answering Objections to the Biblical View
(DVD or mp4 video download) by Charlie Campbell

Homosexuality is a topic that must be addressed in the church today because the culture is talking about it and it’s important for God’s people to be equipped to join the conversation and reason with people regarding what the Bible says. In this DVD Charlie Campbell responds to the most challenging and popular objections, criticisms, and questions people raise about the Bible’s teaching on this topic. Some of those objections include:

•  “Homosexuals were born that way. How can you say it’s wrong to fulfill desires they were born with?”
•  “Jesus never said a word about homosexual activity. If it was sinful or important to Him, He surely would have addressed it.”
•  “What two consenting adults do is their business. They’re not hurting anybody. And Jesus said not to judge!”
•  “You Christians ignore Old Testament laws forbidding the eating of shellfish and pork. Why do you inconsistently cling to its stance on homosexuality?”
•  “When Paul wrote about homosexuality, he was referring to pagan idol worshippers, and rapists, not two persons committed to one another in a loving monogamous relationship.”
•  “Why are Christians opposed to same-sex marriage?”
•  “Why won’t most Christians attend a gay wedding ceremony?”


THE END TIMES & BEYOND: A Concise, Chronological Overview of End-Time Bible Prophecies

What does the Bible say about the future? Will wars and famines ever cease? Will there ever be peace in the Middle East? Will Jesus return to the Earth? Learn where the world is headed in this clear overview of upcoming events in Bible prophecy. Pastor, author, and teacher Charlie Campbell, discusses prophecies surrounding:

• Societal Degeneration
• the Rapture
• the Tribulation + Antichrist
• the Invasion of Israel
• the Battle of Armageddon
• Jesus’s Second Coming + Reign
• the Great White Throne Judgment
• the New Earth + more 

Charlie holds to a Pretribulational Rapture and Premillennial Second Coming (the same view shared by Norman Geisler, John Walvoord, John MacArthur, Warren Wiersbe, Chuck Smith, etc.).

In the heart of Jerusalem, a daring nighttime heist leaves the Israel Museum robbed of priceless archaeological artifacts. The authorities are baffled. The trail is cold. Yet, two audacious teenagers believe they hold the key. Meet Dakota Knox and his new friend, Afton Hansley. Their summer trip to Israel with their families was supposed to be a relaxing getaway. Little did they know, it would plunge them into the murky depths of an international crime ring. As they navigate the labyrinth of deception, they grapple with questions that could cost them their lives. Can they unmask the thieves before it’s too late? Will the stolen treasures be reclaimed? And why, amidst the danger and chaos, do these artifacts matter so much? Dakota Knox and the Archaeology Thief is a pulse-pounding journey through history, mystery, and the courage of two young hearts in the face of overwhelming odds. Discover the secrets that lie buried beneath the sands of time. The adventure awaits. Are you ready? BOOK ONE, TWO, and THREE.


ONE-MINUTE ANSWERS TO SKEPTICS: Concise Responses to the Top 50 Objections & Questions

Could you use help answering atheists, skeptics, and agnostics’ top 50 objections and questions about God and the Bible? Objections like:

•  “Why doesn’t God just appear to us in a public setting and prove He exists?”
•  “The New Testament authors stole details for Jesus’s life story from religions that were around long before Christianity!”
•  “The God of the Old Testament commanded the Israelites to commit genocide!”
•  “The Bible condones slavery! Only evil, selfish men would concoct a book like that!”
•  “You think Christianity is true because you live in the West and were brought up in the Christian faith. If you had been born in India, you’d be a Hindu!”

Learn how these and other objections and questions can be answered.


ARCHAEOLOGICAL EVIDENCE FOR THE BIBLE: Discoveries that Verify People, Places, and Events in the World's Most Influential Book

Archaeologists have unearthed thousands of ancient artifacts, documents, and inscriptions that verify details in the Bible. Join Charlie Campbell for a journey through the ancient land of the Bible (Israel, Egypt, Jordan, etc.) to learn about dozens of these fascinating discoveries. This updated edition features:

•  New discoveries
•  Concise explanations of finds
•  100+ color photographs
•  Bible-history timeline
•  Subject and Scripture index
•  Questions for discussion
•  300+ footnotes for further study
•  Q&A with the author



This tiny USB flash drive contains all 34 of Charlie Campbell’s videos (approx. 50 mins. each) on a wide variety of issues related to the defense of the Christian faith. Just plug it into the USB port on your television or computer (Mac or PC) and begin watching. Click here to order or for more details.

Apologetics Quotes

APOLOGETICS QUOTES: Words That Will Strengthen Your Faith & Equip You to Answer Critics of the Bible

This updated edition now includes more than 500 faith-strengthening quotes by leading defenders of the Christian faith . . .

•  Norman Geisler
•  Lee Strobel
•  John Lennox
•  Ron Rhodes
•  C.S. Lewis
•  Josh McDowell
•  Frank Turek
•  J. Warner Wallace + lots more

Includes author, subject, and scripture index.


Bible Evidence 250px

SCROLLS & STONES: Compelling Evidence the Bible Can Be Trusted

Can we trust the Bible? Isn’t the Bible just “ancient fiction” written by fallible, perhaps even deceitful men? Haven’t books of the Bible been lost and even tampered with down through the centuries? Isn’t the Bible out-of- sync with scientific discoveries? What about the apparent contradictions in the Bible? What makes the Bible any different than the Hindu Vedas, Quran, or Book of Mormon?  Charlie Campbell has been researching answers to questions like these for nearly twenty-five years. It was his initial research that led him to become a follower of Jesus in 1990. In Scrolls & Stones he shares some of the evidence that changed his mind back then but also fascinating new discoveries . . . all confirming the reliability of the Bible. You’ll learn about:

•  Extrabiblical Historical Sources that Verify Biblical Events
•  Scientific Discoveries Archaeological Evidence
•  Fulfilled Prophecies
•  Ancient Scrolls and Manuscripts
•  Answers to Skeptics’ Objections and Questions
•  Questions for further reflection and small group discussion
•  Full subject index



Many teens growing up in Christian homes have not been exposed to the wealth of evidence and good arguments for God’s existence and the trustworthiness of the Bible. Under-equipped and weak in their faith, many young adults walk away from the Christian faith after they move out of the house, if not before. ABR hears this sad story over and over from heartbroken parents. Well, we would love to help prevent this from happening to your son or daughter. Charlie Campbell, the founder of ABR, has developed a “Youth Apologetics Course” that will help EQUIP your son or daughter to STAND STRONG in the truth and “contend earnestly for the faith” (Jude 3). It consists of ten videos, two books, and a fill-in-the-blank workbook that your teen can watch, read, and go through at their own pace at home. Learn more here.