What is New Age spirituality? What do adherents to New Age views believe? How do their views line up with the Bible? How might Christians reason with “New Agers”? The resources below answer these questions and others.


“NEW AGE SPIRITUALITY: A Biblical Response to 8 Beliefs” by Charlie Campbell

Eight New Age Beliefs

1. The Belief that “All is One”
2. The Belief that “All is God”
3. The Belief in Human Deity
4. The Belief in the Need for a Change in Consciousness
5. The Belief in the Oneness of Religions
6. The Belief in Reincarnation
7. The Belief in Moral Relativism
8. The Belief in a Coming “New Age”

Witnessing Suggestions


Chart Comparing New Age Beliefs with Christian Beliefs

“The New Age Worldview: Is it Believable?” by Douglas Groothuis

“Evangelizing New Agers” by Doug Groothuis

“Jesus: Mankind’s Only Savior” by Charlie Campbell

“Is Reincarnation Biblical?” by Ron Rhodes

“Astrology: A Biblical Response” by Marcia Montenegro

“Yoga Training: Not Just Exercise” by Marcia Montenegro

“Do Yoga Exercises Work With Christianity?” by Elliot Miller

“Yoga for Kids: Yoga in Schools” by Elliot Miller

“Yoga Meditation in the Classroom: A Christian Response” by Elliot Miller

More articles responding to New Age Concepts and Teachings


New Spirituality 300Bpx
(Digital download mp4 video) by Charlie Campbell

Millions of people today say, “I’m not religious, but I am spiritual.” Many of them have left behind the religions they were raised in and adopted several new beliefs being promoted by Deepak Chopra, Oprah Winfrey, and others. Several of these beliefs come from what is known as “new age spirituality” or more recently, just “the new spirituality.” But are the beliefs really new? Will humans be reincarnated after death? Are we one with the universe? Are there no moral absolutes? Are all religions equal? Are humans divine? Charlie Campbell answers these questions and others in a visual presentation recorded before a live church congregation in San Juan Capistrano, California. Length 53 minutes.

JESUS Savior 250px
(Digital download mp4 video) by Charlie Campbell

Most people in the West think if God and Heaven are real, they are surely on their way to Heaven. When asked why, they often respond with, “I’m a good person!”  When asked if they think their friends are going to Heaven, they think they are going also because “He’s a good Buddhist,” or a good Jew, or Hindu, or Muslim! Research has shown that 70% of religious Americans believe that many religions can lead to everlasting life. In this DVD, Charlie Campbell shows why this view is dangerously incorrect and that there is only one way to everlasting life—a relationship with Jesus, mankind’s only Savior (John 14:6; Acts 4:12). But what about people who have never heard of Jesus? Will they end up in Hell? How could Christianity be the only right religion? What about Buddhists, Hindus, and Muslims? Might not all religions connect people with God? Get solid Biblical answers to these questions and several more in this 55 minute video.

(DVD or digital download mp4 video) by Charlie Campbell

Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, Muslims, and others say Jesus was merely a human prophet, an angel, or some other created being. And they claim to have support for their views in the Bible. Christians believe Jesus was and is the eternal God, the second person in the Trinity, equal in nature with God the Father and the Holy Spirit. Who is right?  In this video, Charlie Campbell, a Christian apologist, interacts with a formidable Scripture-wielding Jehovah’s Witness (well, a pretend one) in a verse-by-verse examination of the most popular proof texts used to deny the deity of Christ. By answering each of the man’s misunderstandings and mistaken interpretations, Charlie demonstrates that the traditional, historical understanding of Jesus’ deity is the Biblical view. Length: 55 minutes.

Atheism evidence Jesus 282

(DVD or digital download mp4 video) by Charlie Campbell

When it comes to Jesus, atheists commonly say:

•  There’s no credible evidence Jesus existed
•  The authors of the Gospels stole their ideas for Jesus’ life from other ancient religions
•  The earliest Christians didn’t believe Jesus was God
•  The Gospels contradict one another
•  There are scientific errors in the Gospels
•  The “Gospel of Thomas” and the “Gospel of Judas” give us a more accurate understanding of who Jesus was
•  Accounts of Jesus’ miracles are fabrications

Charlie Campbell, an author and Christian apologist, responds to these charges and lays out a compelling case that Jesus really did exist and the Gospels are trustworthy accounts of His life. Length: 52 minutes.