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if you’re like most, you don’t have a graphic designer on your staff. And you don’t have the time to create PowerPoint slides to accompany your teachings.

But you also know the value that some visuals (a map, an archaeological discovery, etc.) can bring to a teaching.

Well, your friends at ABR are here to help you. Our graphic design team turns pastors’ weekly sermon notes into beautiful PowerPoint presentations. Here’s how it works in a nutshell: 

     •  You email your notes to us

     •  We send the presentation to you and your AV team, usually within 24 hours. Learn more below.

Many pastors would like to use photos, graphics, and maps as they proclaim God’s Word. But they don’t know how to use PowerPoint very well, and if they do, they know that creating slides can be very time consuming. 

ABR is here to help you.

ABR has 20 years experience building sermon presentations. And hundreds of pastors and people have told us our presentations look amazing. Here’s a sample of Charlie Campbell (from ABR) giving a presentation. Skim through some of the video and notice the images, the slide transitions, etc. That’s a sample of the kind of work we do (though a typical Bible study has less slides).


•  You probably have more important things to do than scouring the Internet for images and trying to figure out PowerPoint’s latest features.

•  ABR owns hundreds of beautiful high-definition photos of Israel, archaeological discoveries, maps, the Bible, etc.

•  The graphics are going to help the congregation grasp the teaching. Jesus often said things like, “Look at the fig tree” or “Observe how the lilies of the field grow” (Luke 21:29; Matthew 6:28). James said, “Look at the ships” (James 3:4). Visual aids can help make a lesson easier to understand and more memorable.

•  You’re partnering with a team who loves Jesus and believes in the power and inerrancy of Scripture.

•  We are far more affordable than bringing a graphic designer on to your full-time staff.

•  Your slides are going to look awesome!

•  Your donation helps ABR continue our work contending for the Faith. So it’s a win-win partnership!

Let’s Get started…

1.  Check with your AV (audio-visual) team to confirm that the sound booth computer at your church has a current edition of PowerPoint (Version 16 for Mac or PC) installed on it. If the church uses ProPresenter, that will work also, as it is able to import and display PowerPoint slides (directions here).

2.  Email us your sermon notes. If you’d like, you can put an asterisk* by the verses, points, quotes, and paragraphs you’d like on a slide, as well as specific ideas for images, but this is not required.

3.  Our team will email you a beautiful PowerPoint presentation (up to 30 slides), usually within 24 hours. We will communicate with you shortly after receiving your notes as to an estimated completion time.

4.  All we ask in return is that you make a $100 donation to ABR.

How easy is that? You’ve worked hard preparing the sermon. We’ll make the slides look amazing. There are no subscriptions or ongoing commitments required. Try us once and walk away if you don’t like the results. If you love the results, we’d love to keep working with you.


•  Will I need to control the PowerPoint slides while I teach? 

No, unless you want to. Just give the completed PowerPoint file to your AV team (or we can include them in the email) and they should be able to control the slides from the AV computer. Advancing a slide is as easy as tapping the forward ➡️ and backward ⬅️ arrows. If you’d like to control the slides with a wireless remote, here is one we recommend.


•  What if I want to change a slide?

The PowerPoint file we send you is fully editable. You or the AV team can open the file and easily change a word or picture, delete or add a slide, etc. You will need PowerPoint software (available for Macs and PCs) to do so. 

•  Does ABR make new logos for churches? How about website graphics, fliers, etc?

Yes, we do. Let us know what you’d like when you email us.

Let us know if we can help you. Email us your questions, notes or sermon outline, and we will get to work. 

God bless!


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