“Ten Upcoming Events in Bible Prophecy” by Charlie Campbell

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“Ten Upcoming Events in Bible Prophecy” by Charlie Campbell

“The Case for a Pretribulational Rapture” by Charlie Campbell

“An Examination and Refutation of Preterism” by Charlie Campbell 

“Can Christians Know the Date of Christ’s Return?” by Charlie Campbell

“Commentary on the Book of Revelation” by John Walvoord

“Commentary on the Entire Book of Daniel” by John Walvoord

“A Critical Look at The Harbinger (Book)” by Thomas Ice

“Why Hold to a Premillennial View?” by Norman Geisler

“Why Every Calvinist Should Be a Premillennialist” (part 2 is here) by John MacArthur

“A Brief History of the Rapture” by Thomas Ice

“Why I Believe The Bible Teaches Rapture Before Tribulation” by Thomas Ice

“Differences Between the Rapture and the Second Coming” by Thomas Ice

A Refutation of Hank Hanegraaff’s Book The Apocalypse Code by Norman Geisler

“A Friendly Response to Hank Hanegraaff’s Book The Last Disciple” by Norman Geisler

“A Review of Hank Hanegraaff’s The Apocalypse Code by Thomas Ice

“An Evaluation of the Muslim Antichrist Theory” by David Reagan

“3 Reasons the ‘Blood Moons’ are Not Biblical Signs” by Christopher Katulka (for a more in-depth refutation of this craze, see Mark Hitchcock’s book, here)


ENGLISH or SPANISH (8.5″ x 14″) by Charlie Campbell

(8.5″ x 14″) by Charlie Campbell


Commentary on Daniel’s Seventy Weeks by Charlie Campbell
(Print this out for the back side of the 70 Weeks Timeline)



“Ten Upcoming Events in Bible Prophecy” by Charlie Campbell

“A Case for the Pretribulational Rapture” by Richard Mayhue

“Answers to the Toughest Questions about the Pretribulational Rapture” by Charlie Campbell

“Rapture Comes Before Tribulation” by John Walvoord

“What Happens to a Christian After the Rapture?” by John Walvoord 

“The Rapture of the Church / 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18” (pt. 1pt. 2) by John MacArthur

“Arguments Against & Answers For Pre-Trib Rapture” by John Walvoord

Additional lectures by John Walvoord




THE END TIMES & BEYOND: A Concise, Chronological Overview of End-Time Bible Prophecies

What does the Bible say about the future? Will wars and famines ever cease? Will there ever be peace in the Middle East? Will Jesus return to the Earth? Learn where the world is headed in this clear overview of upcoming events in Bible prophecy. Pastor, author, and teacher Charlie Campbell, discusses prophecies surrounding:

•  Societal Degeneration
• the Rapture
• the Tribulation + Antichrist
• the Invasion of Israel
• the Battle of Armageddon
• Jesus’s Second Coming + Reign
• the Great White Throne Judgment
• the New Earth + more

Charlie holds to a Pretribulational Rapture and Premillennial Second Coming (the same view shared by Norman Geisler, John Walvoord, John MacArthur, Warren Wiersbe, Chuck Smith, etc.).

Rapture video Campbell

THE CASE FOR A PRETRIBULATIONAL RAPTURE: Answers to the Toughest Questions About the Pretribulational View
(DVD or mp4 video download)

What is the Rapture? Is it Biblical? Was it a late invention by the church? Is it true that it wasn't taught until the early 1800s? What about the verses that seem to point to a posttribulational Rapture? In a 75 minute presentation recorded before a live congregation in southern California, Charlie Campbell answers these questions and others as he builds a strong Biblical case for a pretribulational Rapture. If you’ve had questions or doubts about this doctrine, this video will be of great help to you. Length: 75 minutes.

Preterism Video Campbell

(DVD or mp4 video download)

Preterism is the view that the events spoken about in Matthew 24 and the Book of Revelation have been largely or completely fulfilled in the events leading up to and surrounding the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans in A.D. 70. Preterism (from the Latin word for past) is growing in popularity. Could this view be valid? What did the early church think about these passages (Matt. 24 and the Book of Revelation)? In this hour long teaching, Charlie Campbell examines the preterist position, the verses often cited to support their view, and gives numerous reasons why preterism should be rejected as an incorrect understanding of Bible prophecy. Length: 60 minutes.


"THE END TIMES CONTROVERSY:  The Second Coming Under Attack"
This book offers an in-depth analysis of Preterism by Thomas Ice, John MacArthur, Tim LaHaye, Mark Hitchcock, Randall Price and others. Very good. Available used on Amazon.