Can you show me archeological or historical proofs from non-Mormon sources that would prove that the peoples and places named in the Book of Mormon actually existed?* 

  Why does LDS Church artwork misleadingly depict Joseph Smith translating the Book of Mormon by directly examining the gold plates? The eyewitnesses reported that the plates were always covered or hidden away when Joseph dictated the Book of Mormon, and that he did so while looking at his seer stone in his hatthe same stone he had used to search for buried treasure. [Question by Robert M. Bowman Jr. at IRR]

•  I’ve read where Joseph Smith said that he translated the golden plates (from which he got the Book of Mormon) letter-by-letter, “by the power of God” and that it was “the most correct of any book on earth.” If that’s true why has the Mormon Church had to make more than 4,000 changes to the Book of Mormon that was originally published in 1830?

  Why do the Bible verses quoted in the Book of Mormon contain the italicized words from the King James Version that were added into the KJV text by the translators in the 16th and 17th centuries?

Here’s an example: 3 Nephi 24:10 says: “…that there shall not be room enough to receive it…” This is an exact quote from Malachi 3:10 from the King James Version. What’s amazing is that seven of these words were not part of the original text. They were added by the KJV translators for clarity. How did those words end up in the Book of Mormon that was supposedly written over a thousand years before the King James Version of the Bible?

•  Isaiah 43:10 says, “Before Me there was no God formed, and there will be none after Me.” In Isaiah 44:6, God says, “There is no God besides Me.” In light of what is said here, how can worthy Mormon males become Gods in the afterlife when God already said that before him no God was formed, nor will there be any Gods formed after Him?

  Why do Mormons say that Jesus and Lucifer are spirit brothers when both the first chapter of John 1:1-3 and Colossians 1:16 teach that Jesus is the creator of all things, including Lucifer?

•  I read where Brigham Young, the second president of the LDS Church, taught that both the moon and the sun were inhabited by people (Journal of Discourses, 1870, v.13, p.271). Has the Mormon Church ever found scientific evidence of that to be true?

  I read in Doctrine and Covenants 84:1-5 where Joseph Smith prophesied that the New Jerusalem and a temple would be built in Zion, Missouri in his generation. Does the Mormon Church still teach that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God after he made a false prophecy?

  I read where Brigham Young taught that Adam is “our Father and our God” (Journal of Discourses, Apr. 9, 1852, vol.1, p.50). How can that be true when both the Bible and the Book of Mormon (Mormon 9:12) say that Adam was a creation of God?

•  If Brigham Young was a true prophet, why would one of your later prophets overturn his declaration which stated that the black man could never hold the priesthood in the LDS Church until after the resurrection of all other races (Journal of Discourses, Dec. 12, 1854, 2:142-143)?

  Read Deuteronomy 18:20-22. Since the Bible’s test to determine whether someone is a true prophet of God is 100% accuracy in all his prophecies has the LDS Church ever reconsidered its teaching that Joseph Smith and Brigham Young were true prophets?

  In the last couple of years, Mormon scholars, and scientists have discovered powerful DNA evidence that has proven that the American Indians are not descendants of the Jewish race (as the Book of Mormon claims in its introduction), but the Asian race. How does your church respond to this scientific evidence?

  Why does the Book of Mormon state that Jesus was born in Jerusalem (Alma 7:10) when history and the Bible state that he was born in Bethlehem (Matthew 2:1)?

 How could Joseph Smith claim to have translated the Book of Abraham from ancient Egyptian papyri, when those papyrirediscovered in the 1960s and translated since by both LDS and non-LDS scholarswere pagan Egyptian funeral documents and had nothing to do with Abraham? [Question by Robert M. Bowman Jr. at IRR]

  Why did Joseph Smith condone polygamy as an ordinance from God (Doctrine and Covenants 132 [see v. 38-39]) when the Book of Mormon had already condemned the practice in the book Jacob 1:15 and 2:24?

 What possible justification can there be for Joseph Smith’s plural marriages to over thirty women, including at least eight women who were still legally married to other, living men? [Question by Robert M. Bowman Jr. at IRR]


Many of the questions above have been adopted from a much longer list of questions to ask Mormons at Tower to Truth Ministries.


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Most people in the West think if God and Heaven are real, they are surely on their way to Heaven. When asked why, they often respond with, “I’m a good person!”  When asked if they think their friends are going to Heaven, they think they are going also because “He’s a good Buddhist,” or a good Jew, or Hindu, or Muslim! Research has shown that 70% of religious Americans believe that many religions can lead to everlasting life. In this DVD, Charlie Campbell shows why this view is dangerously incorrect and that there is only one way to everlasting life—a relationship with Jesus, mankind’s only Savior (John 14:6; Acts 4:12). But what about people who have never heard of Jesus? Will they end up in Hell? How could Christianity be the only right religion? What about Buddhists, Hindus, and Muslims? Might not all religions connect people with God? Get solid Biblical answers to these questions and several more in this 55 minute video.

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Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, Muslims and others say Jesus was merely a human prophet, an angel, or some other created being. And they claim to have support for their views in the Bible. Christians believe Jesus was and is the eternal God, the second person in the Trinity, equal in nature with God the Father and the Holy Spirit. Who is right?  In this video, Charlie Campbell, a Christian apologist, interacts with a formidable Scripture-wielding Jehovah’s Witness (well, a pretend one) in a verse-by-verse examination of the most popular proof texts used to deny the deity of Christ. By answering each of the man’s misunderstandings and mistaken interpretations, Charlie demonstrates that the traditional, historic understanding of Jesus’ deity is the Biblical view. Length: 55 minutes.

Atheism evidence Jesus 282

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When it comes to Jesus, atheists commonly say:

•  There’s no credible evidence Jesus existed
•  The authors of the Gospels stole their ideas for Jesus’ life from other ancient religions
•  The earliest Christians didn’t believe Jesus was God
•  The Gospels contradict one another
•  There are scientific errors in the Gospels
•  The “Gospel of Thomas” and the “Gospel of Judas” give us a more accurate understanding of who Jesus was
•  Accounts of Jesus’ miracles are fabrications

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•  Where, when and how did Mormonism begin?
•  Who was Joseph Smith?
•  What do Mormons believe about God? Jesus? Mankind? Salvation and the afterlife?
•  Is Mormonism in harmony with true Biblical Christianity?
•  Is the Book of Mormon a trustworthy, authentic revelation from God?
•  If not, why not?
•  How can Christians be more effective sharing the truth with Mormons?

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